Discover a new lifestyle

At St Brigid’s Green you can participate in the village social calendar as much or as little as you please. With a wide variety of services, activities and events, your days are always yours to spend as you choose.

Care close to hand with our in-home services.

St Brigid’s Green provides you with a range of in-home services to support you in living independently and enjoying life to the fullest. Our village team can provide assistance with everything from deliciously prepared meals, shopping, cleaning and laundry services to basic personal care. Our in-home services can help on either a temporary or permanent basis.

It’s time to unwind with our lifestyle programs.

Our team is focused on creating an environment that supports every aspect of your life.

At St Brigid’s Green, our lifestyle programs help you enjoy a full and vibrant life. Our programs encompass a broad range of social, cultural and spiritual options. The village team can arrange a tailored program for you, or you can join in any of the many group activities that will be available.

Health and fitness.

Your health is important and for general fitness St Brigid’s Green offers exercises in the fitness room and activities to ensure your overall wellbeing.

There’s always something to do, someone to talk to, and plenty to look forward to.