June 2018

Village Green Winter 2018

There’s no denying that winter is here, bringing with it frosty mornings and a fresh edition of the Village Green. Our latest newsletter features all three Greengate Villages in both Sydney and Brisbane. Check it out to spot some familiar faces and read about the exciting things which have been happening this past quarter in our thriving Retirement and Aged Care communities. 
Please click the image to read the 2018 Winter Edition of the Village Green.

Six months into operation, St Patrick’s Green Kogarah is flourishing and our residents have well and truly settled into village life. Our newest village recently hosted the St George Seniors Expo. It was a fun and informative day for local seniors to learn more about wellness, lifestyle and care options in the St George area. It was great to see so many new faces come along to the village, and we loved the opportunity to give back to the local community with free massages, seminars, cakes and showbags! A big thank you to everyone who attended and to the community groups who set up info stalls throughout the village; it was certainly a day to remember. 
Perhaps the sweetest thing happening at Greengate right now is the Grandfriends Project which is running at St Patrick’s Green. Be sure to read page 2 of the newsletter to find out how the local pre-schoolers have made friends and built strong relationships with the residents of our aged care home. This is such a beautiful example of intergenerational friendships, with multiple benefits to both our aged care residents and the kids.
This quarter, St Luke’s Green Woolloongabba celebrated its first birthday. We are so proud of how far our beautiful little village in the big city has come over the past year. It was a great opportunity for our team to sit down and enjoy a party with our awesome group of residents. We loved catching up with our retirement and aged care residents – it’s because of them that our Brisbane village feels so much like home and we will always be thankful of that. 
St Brigid’s Green in Maroubra continued to be a hive of activity over the past few months. It seems nothing can slow down our active community in the Eastern Suburbs. The retirement residents at Maroubra have been out cruising on the Sydney harbour, participating in falls prevention programs, and running the most beautiful ANZAC Day service, just to name a few things. This quarter, the team at St Brigid’s Green passed accreditation and met all 44 outcomes required for Australian aged care homes. This was a fantastic and well-deserved result for our hardworking team.
Every Greengate Village aims to enrich the lives of their residents. Through safety, security, lifestyle options, and strong communities of friendly people, our villages can provide you with the retirement lifestyle you're looking for. If you’re thinking about downsizing, be sure to take a look at our apartments for sale. For more information, or to book a private tour, please call us today on 02 8097 1775 or email stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au.
May 2018

Visiting Someone Living with Dementia

People who live with Dementia can become anxious and frightened at times and may have trouble recognising people. Their behaviour can be unusual or awkward and they may find it hard to express themselves or understand people. However, feelings remain as does spiritual awareness. Visits can stimulate warm feelings, bring comfort and reaffirm spiritual truths.
Click on the above image for a PDF you can print, or read on for our suggestions for visiting loved ones living with Dementia. 

When visiting a loved one living with Dementia, try to:
  • Wear something bright or colourful 
  • Approach from the front (don’t tap on the back or shoulder)
  • Introduce yourself with an explanation
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Sit at the same level, perhaps touch their hand if appropriate
  • Speak simply, one comment at a time
  • Listen and give time for answers or comments
  • Be positive and reassuring 
  • Be patient
  • Accept Incorrect statements as they may be caused by memory loss or faulty logic 
  • Acknowledge the emotions behind the words
Suggestions for things to take or do when visiting people living with Dementia:
  • Take a magazine, postcard, flower catalogue 
  • Play a game - checkers, dominoes, etc. 
  • Listen to a CD - familiar music, hymns or songs 
  • Watch a DVD of flowers, gardens, water views
  • Reminisce about the past, people or places  
  • Look at photographs or illustrated books 
  • Read a passage from their favourite book 
  • Smile, and share laughter
If appropriate, take something soft for them to hold or stroke, or a lavender bag to evoke memories.
The visit need not last long. It is the feelings that remain, not the length of time spent. Someone living with Dementia might forget that you came, but the warmth and feelings of your care will not be forgotten.
You may be distressed by a loved one’s condition, but be encouraged in that your visit will have made their day better and helped them to feel more connected to those around them. 
Departure should not be a big deal, remember to “parachute in, evaporate out”.
Feelings remain when facts are forgotten.
Every Greengate Village caters to a range of care needs, from independent living in our retirement apartments to 24-hour nursing care in our boutique aged care homes. If you would like to learn more about our tailored care options for people living with Dementia at St Brigid's Green, please call us today on 02 8097 1775. 
To learn more about how our aged care homes have been specifically designed for people living with dementia, please click here
April 2018

Creating Better Care for our Residents Living with Dementia

We sat down with Daz Smith, Director of Dementia Excellence here at Greengate, to talk about his care approach for our residents living with Dementia. Daz has been with Greengate since December 2017, and in that time we have embraced a variety of changes to our care model and the way we train our village care teams. Here is what Daz had to say:

Our wonderful industry now requires a culture change, a relearning of what has become the norm. Supporting our residents living with Dementia involves so much more than making sure they are fed and showered, and this is something everyone needs to realise. When I say everyone, I refer to anyone who has a role that supports a person living in our aged care homes so they can continue to live their life to the best of their ability. Our team members, along with the friends and family of our residents, must ensure the resident is given choice, enablement and continued involvement in life, regardless of their diagnosis.
One of the first things I did when I started at Greengate was bring our care teams together. I wanted to ensure our village teams have the understanding and permission to walk together in a direction which supports and enables our aged care residents living with Dementia. I encourage our teams to connect with our residents and build their own relationships – in doing so, our team members can truly appreciate what reality is for that resident, while seeing past their diagnosis in order to find their strengths and abilities.
By ensuring our residents’ basic human needs of attachment, comfort, identity, occupation, inclusion, and love are met, it’s more likely that the uniqueness of each resident is respected, valued, heard and acted upon as an individual.
Being a detective and finding out as much as possible about a person’s life history is another great way for the Greengate team to connect with our residents. The exchange of information between our team members regarding past lifestyle choices and life history, gathered from the person in care and their families, can be invaluable. When all involved are aware of our resident’s life history or choices, it can make for a more positive interaction between people and help reduce unmet needs and build relationships. 
By 2050 it is estimated that there will be approximately 1,000,000 people living with Dementia who reside in Australia. This is why it’s important our industry starts bettering its care models now – it’s not a quick fix, and it will take time to reshape our understanding of how to best care for those living with Dementia in our communities. 
People who live with Dementia can feel heightened levels of emotion and will often remember how you have made them feel, rather than what you have said to them. They may feel anxious or frightened at times, have trouble recognising people, or misunderstand what is being said to them. However, feelings will always remain and this is what I teach the teams in our aged care homes. By understanding this, we can engage with our residents living with Dementia in a way which helps stimulate emotions, brings comfort and reaffirms spiritual truths.
Our body language and how we choose to engage with our residents can be our best asset when working alongside a person who is living with, or without, Dementia in our aged care homes. Regardless of the diagnosis and to put it simply, everyone benefits from positive interactions which come from the types of experiences, environments and communications that give us pleasure and purpose.
Daz is a mentor, innovator and leader with over 28 years’ experience in improving the quality of life of those living with Dementia in residential aged care and in the community. He has extensive experience as a teacher through NSW TAFE and is a speaker in the field of leisure, lifestyle and wellbeing. He has led culture change across organisations by embracing a relationship-centred approach. Daz has actively developed community residential programs and has achieved recognition in the Accreditation process, as well as acknowledgement for his high level of activity planning and implementation in regards to people living with Dementia.
If you would like to learn more about how Greengate cares for our residents living with Dementia, or would like to book a tour of one of our Aged Care Homes in Sydney or Brisbane, contact us today on 02 9097 9175 or email us at info@greengate.com.au 
March 2018

Village Green Autumn 2018

Goodbye summer; hello cooler days, cups of tea and comfy sweaters. Autumn is here, bringing with it the latest edition of the Village Green. This newsletter is packed full of information, as the last few months have been an exciting time for each of Greengate’s Retirement and Aged Care Villages across Sydney and in Brisbane. 
Please click the image to read the Autumn edition of the Village Green.

St Patrick’s Green in Kogarah, Greengate’s newest village, continues to be abuzz with activity since it opened in December. We saw over 400 people attend our Open Day – it was great to see so much interest and support from our residents and the local community. It was a fantastic day with delicious food, entertainment, and tours of our community areas and display apartments. A special mention to our wonderful residents who helped out on the day: thank you for welcoming our guests into the village and your homes. It was clear to everyone on the day that the strong and supportive community at St Patrick’s Green is the special thing that sets our village apart from the rest.
If the Open Day wasn’t enough for the hardworking village team at St Patrick’s Green, then the opening of our boutique aged care home in February was sure to keep them busy. Already we have welcomed a group of new residents into the Bethany, and we’ve received a lot of good feedback from our residents and their families as they settle into their new home. The Greengate team was very excited about the launch of Synergy House, which you can read more about in the newsletter. 
This quarter, we decided to interview some of the residents at St Luke’s Green, Woolloongabba about village life. It’s been nearly a year since we opened our doors in Woolloongabba, so we were interested to touch base and gain the perspective of those who are now well and truly settled in. Read on for the inside scoop on our Brisbane village, and to get a sense of what life at St Luke’s Green is all about. In this Village Green we also introduce you to some important people who have joined the team at Greengate – you’ll be seeing their faces around our villages, so please give them a big welcome.  
As always, St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra has been a hive of activity. If you’re from the Maroubra area, then you’re probably aware that St Brigid’s Green loves to host exciting events for our residents and guests – in this edition we share with you some of the things our residents have been up to, as well as some of the events we have planned for the upcoming year.
We would love to show you around our care village. We still have some Independent Retirement Apartments available, but be quick because they won’t last long. Call us today on 02 8097 1775 or email us at stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au to book a tour of St Brigid's Green.
December 2017

Village Green Summer 2017

Summer is officially here, and with the sunshine comes the opening of Greengate’s third Village, St Patrick’s Green in Kogarah. This edition of the Village Green is packed full of the latest news from our Retirement and Aged Care Villages in both Sydney and Brisbane. 
Please click the image to read the Summer edition of the Village Green – you’ll find out what our residents and Village Teams have been up to this past quarter and what they have planned for the festive season. 
October 2017

Moving into the Future

St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra is excited to be the first Aged Care Home in Australia to be trialing the new app Care Konnect. This mobile phone app has been designed to help residents, their family and friends to stay connected, and to keep up-to-date with what’s been happening at St Brigid’s Green. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time, and we think it is going to be a positive step into the future for all of us in the St Brigid’s Green community. 

Over the coming week, the family and friends of our Boutique Aged Care Home residents will receive an email to download and join Care Konnect. Our Lifestyle Team will then start using the app to send photos of activities, outings and events directly to the loved ones of our residents. It’s our very own social media platform!
If you have a loved one living in the St Brigid’s Green Aged Care Home, we would love for you to trial this app with us and join in on the fun. We’re sure this will further open the lines of communication, and will allow you a better idea of the activities and events your loved ones get up to each day.
St Brigid’s Green has been designed to integrate with future technologies, and we know this is only the first of the exciting technological advancements we will continue to make to the Village. Some of our favourite features of the Care Konnect app include:
  • A newsfeed which you can scroll through to view photos and statuses.
  • A calendar so our residents and their loved ones can know what activities and events are already planned. 
  • A chat function. On Care Konnect there will be the option for individual or group chats between St Brigid’s Green team members, resident families and friends. 
Care Konnect is a free app, and is currently only available for Android from the Playstore. The Apple version for iPhones will be available late November. 
If you would like to know more about the Boutique Aged Care Home at St Brigid’s Green please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Aged Care Home in the heart of Maroubra features a range of private suites, as well as a fun and varied lifestyles program. For more information, call us today on 02 8097 1775 or email stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au.
September 2017

St Brigid's Green Open Day

Wow, the St Brigid’s Green Open Day was such a great morning! Last Saturday, our Independent Retirement Living and Aged Care Village in Maroubra opened to its doors to the public. Throughout the morning we welcomed around 300 people into the Greengate Village to show them what life at St Brigid’s Green is all about. 

The Village Green was abuzz all morning with residents and visitors gathering to enjoy the live entertainment and a sausage sizzle out in the sun. We loved to see so many of our residents dancing along to the music, it really added to the already fantastic atmosphere around the Village. Outside on the Village Green has always been our favourite place to entertain at St Brigid’s Green; as the weather starts to warm up we will be hosting more resident and family events outside in the heart of our vibrant seniors’ community.

Inside, we ran a constant stream of tours throughout our Boutique Aged Care Home and the Retirement Village. It was nice to see so many people from the local Maroubra community showing an interest in our Village, either for themselves or for a loved one. St Brigid’s Green is an Integrated Care Village offering all levels of care, from Independent Living with the option for Assisted Living in your own apartment, to 24-hour care in our beautiful Aged Care Home.

Whilst also manning the barbecue, Alan, our Head Chef, put on a fantastic morning tea full of cakes, fruit and cheese platters. At St Brigid’s Green, we always believe that no celebration is complete without delicious food. Our Maroubra Village prides itself on providing fresh and nutritious meals to our residents. Each week, many of our residents choose to eat dinner in the Dining Room with friends and family – the seasonal menu has something for everyone and our commercial kitchen is equipped to cater to our residents’ individual dietary requirements.

A big thank you goes out to the team at St Brigid’s Green, not only were they hard at work, but they still took the time to chat to visitors and create a great environment at the Village. An even bigger thank you to our residents for welcoming so many people into their community: your friendly smiles and helpful information made our visitors feel welcome, and allowed them to appreciate what a special place St Brigid’s Green is.

The Open Day was a fantastic success, and we’re glad we could showcase our Village to local seniors, as well as interact with the Maroubra community. Finally, thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy weekend to attend the St Brigid’s Green Open Day. We hope to see you all again soon.

If you would like to learn more about Independent Retirement Living or the Boutique Aged Care Home at St Brigid’s Green, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you missed out on the Open Day, please call us on 02 8097 1775 or email stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au – we would love to book an appointment for you to take a tour around our vibrant seniors’ community in the heart of Maroubra.

August 2017

Join us at the St Brigid's Green Open Day

Join us to find out why our residents love Village life at St Brigid’s Green
Free entry - everyone welcome.
Saturday 2nd September 2017 - 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Live Entertainment | Village Tours | Gourmet Sausage Sizzle | Delicious High Tea

St Brigid’s Green has been a hive of activity and our residents have been enjoying all the perks of Village life. From day trips, stage plays and exhibitions, to activities at the Village including dinners and live entertainment, our residents are always busy doing something.
We would love to show you around St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra. On the 2nd of September, you, your family and friends are invited to join our residents and the Village Team at our Open Day. Please come along to help us celebrate, and enjoy the community activities we have planned.
You’ll get to see what our well-designed Independent Retirement and Aged Care Village is all about, and find out why our residents love living in a vibrant and supportive community. It will be a fun day to meet new
people and to take a tour around the Village grounds.
To top off the day, there will be live entertainment on the Village Green, along with a free gourmet sausage sizzle and a delicious high tea. Everyone is welcome to attend and we look forward to meeting you.
For more information on living at St Brigid’s Green, please call us today on 02 8097 1755 or email stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au.
St Brigid's Green
220-230 Maroubra Road
Maroubra NSW 2035
August 2017

Village Green Spring 2017

Spring is just around the corner, and this quarter’s Village Green is in bloom with all of the latest news from the Greengate Villages. A lot has been happening at our Retirement Villages and Boutique Aged Care Homes these past few months. As usual, our residents have been busy bees with plenty of social events and activities to attend. The Greengate team and residents are all looking forward to our upcoming events now that the weather is starting to warm up – hopefully we will see you there! 

Please click the image above to read the latest edition of the Village Green.
We hit a major milestone at St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah this past quarter as we opened the doors to our display apartments. There’s been a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has come through, with many people remarking on how bright and spacious the apartments are and commenting on the high-quality finishes. If you haven’t had a chance to have a look at the St Patrick’s Green display apartments, call us today on 02 9256 5644 to book an appointment. 
If you’ve been around the St George area lately you will have noticed that the scaffolding has dropped on the St Patrick’s Green buildings. Even we can’t get over how beautiful the buildings look, and we are very happy with what our wonderful team has created. In just a few months it will all be finished, and we will be celebrating Christmas in the Village – wow, this year has gone so fast. 
It’s exciting times at St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra too. On the 2nd of September we are going to be having an Open Day at the Village. It’s free entry and everyone is welcome to attend. Come along to find out why residents at St Brigid’s Green love Village life, and join us for some tours around the Village, live entertainment on the Village Green, as well as a sausage sizzle and delicious high tea. We would love to see you there.
St Luke’s Green in Woolloongabba continues to welcome new residents to the Village. It’s been great to see everyone settled in and enjoying all of the activities our little village in the big city has to offer. The Brisbane team is currently hard at work preparing for the grand opening of St Luke’s Green and the dedication of St Luke’s Church. This is sure to be a fun day for our residents, the local community, family and friends, so stay tuned for some photos of everyone in their Sunday best.
We hope you enjoy this edition of the Village Green. Every Greengate Village features both Independent Retirement Apartments as well as a Boutique Aged Care Home. If you would like any further information on our Integrated Care Villages or would like to discuss reserving an apartment, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 9256 5600 or email us at info@greengate.com.au
P.S. Can you spot the hot chicks in this edition of the Village Green? 
June 2017

Village Green Winter 2017

Winter is well and truly here, and this quarter's Village Green is as fresh as those winter mornings. Greengate has seen a lot of excitement this past quarter, with St Luke’s Green, Woolloongabba opening its doors in April. It’s been a pleasure getting to know our latest residents better as they settle into their new homes in the Independent Retirement Apartments and the Residential Aged Care Home. 

Click the above image to read the latest edition of the Village Green.

Since opening, St Luke’s Green has come to life and the community areas have been constantly abuzz with friends catching up for coffee in the café, and families meeting for barbecues on the Village Green. We still have a range of apartments available at St Luke’s Green, and we will continue to hold open days over the coming few months. We would love for you to come and take a tour around the village – it’s more beautiful than we could have imagined. We are also excited for the reopening of St Luke’s Church on the 18th of June for the Feast of Corpus Christi. The Church has been lovingly restored and it is going to be a time to celebrate.

Just because it’s been busy in Queensland, does not mean things have slowed down on-site at St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah. This past quarter we celebrated the completion of the concrete structure with a Topping Out Ceremony. Many members of the local community and Mulitplex Team attended, including Monsignor Micek from St Patrick’s Church next door. It was a special afternoon and got us even more excited for the completion of St Patrick’s Green.

The construction of St Patrick’s Green has been powering along, and the guys on-site are already focusing on the interiors and bringing the display apartments to life. From the apartments you can see right across to the Sydney city skyline, across Botany Bay and down to the Georges River – St Patrick’s Green is perfectly positioned to make the most of the Sydney lifestyle. Our display apartments will be open for viewing towards the end of July and we encourage you to visit us on-site to take a look – they’re going to be stunning. It won’t be long before we are opening the doors to St Patrick’s Green as well!

St Brigid’s Green in Maroubra has also had an exciting past few months. The vibrant seniors’ community at St Brigid’s Green has seen wedding anniversaries, numerous outings to stage plays and a 100th birthday – there’s always something going on. Our Boutique Aged Care Home in Maroubra currently has vacancies. If you or a loved one are looking for quality care, with a variety of social activities on offer, please get in contact with us today.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Village Green. If you would like any further information on any of Greengate’s Integrated Care Villages or would like to discuss reserving an apartment, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 9256 5600 or email us at info@greengate.com.au

March 2017

Celebrating 100 Years Young

Last Friday there was excitement in the air at St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra with a milestone birthday celebration. Angela De Domizio, a favourite resident in the St Brigid’s Green Aged Care Home, celebrated her 100th birthday on the 17th of March. 

Angela’s family and friends from the village attended the party to enjoy some shandies and birthday cake. The Mayor, Noel De Souza, also attended the birthday celebrations to present Angela with her much anticipated letter from the Queen. It was a lovely party, with the music consisting of Angela’s favourite songs from the past hundred years. 

Angela, one of the most spirited ladies at St Brigid’s Green, originally hails from Egypt. She moved to Australia in her youth to settle in Sydney with her husband and son. Since moving into the Aged Care Home in 2015, Angela has been an active member of the community and has always been happy to share her culture with other residents. We tried to catch Angela on Friday afternoon to ask her what her secret to ageing so well is, but she had already left with her family to go to a concert!

The staff at St Brigid’s Green all love talking to Angela and have learned many things from her, including the correct way to make an Italian pizza and many historical facts about Egypt. Patrick Heanue, the village’s Lifestyle Coordinator, said ‘Angela is a frequent attendee of many of our activities here, and she truly epitomizes the phrase Living life to the full.’ Happy 100th Birthday to Angela, may she have many happy years ahead of her.

If you would like any further information on St Brigid’s Green, or any of our other Greengate Care Villages, please don't hesitate to contact us Megan on 02 8097 1775, or email us on stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au

March 2017

Celebrating Seniors Week

Last Wednesday we celebrated Seniors Week with our residents at St Brigid’s Green. As our way of giving back to the wonderful seniors that make the St Brigid’s Green community special, we hosted an Afternoon Tea on the Village Green. Residents arrived on the Green and were treated to food, entertainment, and some fantastic speeches. 

Allan, our Head Chef, catered for the day and did a fantastic job at putting together a wonderful array of finger food. From mini wraps, to prawn and noodle salad boxes, dumplings, and cakes, there was something for everyone to enjoy (with some of us probably enjoying too much — this writer couldn’t say ‘no’ to eating ten fish cakes). Residents also had a choice of drinks from tea and coffee, to juice, wine, beer and a fruity Pimms cocktail. A big thank you to Allan, Ma Chona and the team for catering and serving the event. 
We had a musician sing for us, and residents enjoyed the laid-back songs and guitar playing while they mingled. Then came the real show stoppers: we were lucky enough to listen to three of our residents give speeches. We got to hear what life in our Retirement Village is like from a residents’ perspective, and were glad to hear about what a positive experience it has been. During the speeches we took the time to reflect on what has changed over the years. There was a lot of reminiscing, and even more laughs, as everyone at the Afternoon Tea stopped and truly appreciated what it means to be a senior in Australia. We really appreciated hearing from our residents, and it was such a nice touch to the event. 
The Seniors Week party was a lovely afternoon, and all of us here at Greengate and St Brigid’s Green are looking forward to making it an annual event for celebrating the seniors in our community. If you would like to know more about St Brigid’s Green, or any of Greengate’s Integrated Care Villages, please call us today on 02 9256 5600 or email us at info@greengate.com.au
March 2017

Village Green Autumn 2017

We’re so glad that it’s Autumn, with the change of season bringing some much needed cooler weather and this quarter's edition of the Village Green. As always, the Greengate offices have been a hub of activity. With St Luke’s Green in Woolloongabba soon to open, and everything full-steam ahead on-site at St Patrick’s Green, the time has just flown by. 

Click the above image to read the Village Green. 
Up at St Luke’s Green, we are currently preparing for our Aged Care Open Day on 22 April. This will be a fabulous opportunity for the public to come along and see the Village, as well as to meet some of our Care Team. The Open Day will run from 10am-4pm, so if you’re in the area, we’d love for you to come and say hello. 
It’s also exciting times at St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah, with the final concrete slab being poured. All of the buildings have reached their full height, and the views from the top of The O’Farrell building are nothing short of spectacular – stay tuned for some photos. Next week we will be having a Topping Out Ceremony to celebrate this construction milestone, and it will be a great chance for the team to unwind. 
Our vibrant community at St Brigid’s Green, Maroubra continues to amaze us. To celebrate Seniors Week, we hosted an Afternoon Tea on the Village Green, and were treated to some funny and insightful speeches by our residents. It was a great party, and we are already looking forward to the next one. 
We hope you enjoy this edition of the Village Green. If you would like any further information on any of Greengate’s integrated Care Villages, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 9256 5600 or email us at info@greengate.com.au

February 2017

St Brigid's Green Employee Rewards and Recognition Celebration

At St Brigid’s Green we strive to make every day better for our residents, their families, and our team. We provide what our residents value, practice person-centred thinking, and deliver heartfelt support and care: that is The Greengate Way. In January, we launched the Employee Reward and Recognition Program at St Brigid’s Green, to thank our employees who go the extra step for our residents and exemplify The Greengate Way. Earlier this month, we held our first monthly awards ceremony and celebrated with a barbeque on the Village Green. 

A big congratulations goes out to MaChona, John and Suruchi, who were all recognised as being outstanding members of the team and received an award for all of their hard work. Some of the comments we received from residents, which helped us to select these recipients, was:

  • Forever helpful, and always makes time at St Brigid’s Green enjoyable.
  • Always caring and polite — families can go away feeling confident that their loved ones are being well-cared for, and that is a huge relief.
  • Timeless, hardworking, and goes beyond the call of duty.
  • Delivering exceptional care and attention to detail.

We’re very proud of our team at St Brigid’s Green, and it is fantastic to hear such positive feedback from our residents. The barbecue was not only a great event to recognise and reward our staff for their achievements, but it was also a fun opportunity for our staff to catch up with one another and unwind. Everyone is already looking forward to next month’s event, and we are hoping that our Care Manager, Grace brings along some curry and rice!

If you would like any further information on St Brigid’s Green, or any of our other Greengate Care Villages, please don't hesitate to contact us on 02 9256 5600 or email us on info@greengate.com.au

December 2016

St Brigid's Green Christmas Party 2016

Recently, the residents of St Brigid's Green came together to celebrate Christmas on the Village Green. The Greengate team encouraged residents to invite their family and friends, and we enjoyed getting to know some new people. It turned out to be quite the party with over two hundred people attending. Despite some strong wind, and a lot of burst balloons, residents came down early to start the festivities and enjoy the social community that is St Brigid's Green. 

The evening started with drinks, and platters of Christmas cookies and chocolates. Guests pulled on Christmas crackers and laughing could be heard all around. The kitchen at St Brigid's Green put on a delicious barbecue and there was something for everyone, including the fussiest of grandkids, to enjoy. Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, the dessert came out and everyone knew we'd have room for cake. 

We were lucky enough to have the sweetest father and daughter band to entertain us all night. Residents and guests enjoyed some fantastic music, performed by such a talented young lady. It was a great night, and residents returned back to their homes full of pavlova and Christmas cheer. 

If you would like any further information on any of our Greengate Care Villages, or would like to find out more about the senior's community at St Brigid's Green, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 8097 1775.

December 2016

Village Green Summer 2016

Summer is well and truly here, and so is this quarter's edition of the Village Green. Our senior's communities are really coming together, and we are excited to share with you what's been going on in Woolloongabba, Kogarah and Maroubra. So find a shady spot and cool off while you read all the latest news from our Greengate Villages.

It's been very busy here at Greengate, with St Luke's Green opening next year and The Bougainvillea building due to be unveiled soon! We are so excited to show our future residents a sneak peak of their new homes. The Retirement Village community is already being formed, with prospective residents getting to know one another at our monthly coffee clubs. 

The construction of St Patrick's Green is on track, and the views out towards Botany Bay, and across to the Sydney skyline, are better than we could have hoped for. We're loving watching as Kogarah's newest Retirement Village comes to life, not only through the construction, but also as future residents build new friendships at our morning teas and Christmas party. 

St Brigid's Green is nearly in its third year of operation, and the village residents have come together to share wonderful stories of their pasts. Here at Greengate, we love seeing such a genuine and supportive community in our Maroubra Village. 

Cheers to summer - we hope you enjoy this edition of the Village Green. If you would like any further information on any of our Greengate Care Villages, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 9256 5600.

September 2016

Village Green Spring 2016

The days are getting warmer with the arrival of Spring! Soak up some sun and read about what has been happening at our Greengate Villages.

June 2016

Take a look...

...at our latest advertisement for St Brigid's Green.

March 2016

Celebrate Seniors Week with Us

St Brigid's Green is celebrating Seniors Week by hosting a variety of engaging seminars and education sessions, presented by leading professionals and special guests. 

Following the seminar each weekday will be a free morning tea, and the opportunity to take a tour of our village and aged care home.

If you or someone you know would like to attend, simply RSVP by phone Rosie on 02 9256 5600 or email stbrigidsgreen@greengate.com.au

December 2015

Village Green Summer 2015/16

With Summer in full swing, find out what's been happening across our Greengate Villages.

December 2015

June 2015

Village Green Winter 2015

Read about what's been happening in our Winter 2015 edition of the Village Green newsletter.

May 2015

Free Information Session: Understanding Aged Care

Are you High Care or Low Care?

How can you plan and afford quality aged care?

Join us for a step-by-step guide to understand aged care costs and what you need to know for your future. Donald Swansborough from Affinity Wealth Services leads his specialised team for advice on how to navigate Australia's complex care system.

Tours of our new care home will also be available.

Friday 19th June 10:30am - 12:00pm
St Brigid's Green, 220-230 Maroubra Road, Maroubra

To book your place, call Sarah at St Brigid's Green 8097 1700.
RSVP Wednesday 17 June.

March 2015

Understanding Aged Care

You are invited to attend an important information session on March 27th: Understanding Aged Care. Find out about what the rules are around aged care and how you can be best placed to navigate this potentially complex area. Attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the well respected book Aged Care, Who Cares.

27th March, 10am-12pm at St Brigid’s Green, 220-230 Maroubra Road, Maroubra. To register your interest in this event, please call Sara on 8091 9940.

For information about other upcoming events, register with us today.

March 2015

Village Green Autumn 2015

There's lots on this Autumn – read all about it in this quarter's Village Green.

March 2015

Family, Friends & Staff Celebration BBQ!

After the formalities of the official opening it was time for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. We had a fantastic turnout with over 300 people joining in the celebration, including residents, family, friends and staff. 

Richard, our Hotel Services Manager and his team outdid himself again with a gourmet BBQ buffet, fresh salads and beautiful desserts. There was plenty of entertainment for all ages including the kids who were entertained by our local pirate and fairy princess with face painting and games.

Paul, our one-man band provided fabulous musical entertainment and it was a pleasure to witness many residents dancing the night away!


March 2015

St Brigid's Green Official Opening & Blessing

We were honoured to welcome His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove who officially opened St Brigid's Green on Friday 27th February 2015. Another special guest was the Archbishop of Sydney, Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP who performed a blessing ceremony over the retirement and aged care community.

It was a fantastic day with over 200 guests attending including our retirement and aged care residents, staff, and stakeholders. We greatly appreciate those who came to celebrate this special occasion with us and we hope you enjoyed your time at St Brigid's Green.

March 2015

St Brigid's Green in the News

Press coverage of the St Brigid's Green Official Opening and Blessing has been positive, and we're pleased to share some highlights with you here.

Retirement Living (web) »

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February 2015

Bowen Apartment Inspections

Our prospective Bowen building residents were given the opportunity to view their apartment for the first time recently. As the area is still a construction site, everyone had to wear safety gear before going into their apartment. We got some great photos of our residents and staff on the day.

January 2015

Village Green Summer 2014/2015

Take a look at what has been happening at our Greengate Villages over the summer.

January 2015

Farewell 2014, Welcome 2015!

What a huge year 2014 was for all of us at St Brigid's Green.

In 2014, we welcomed our stage one independent living residents into all 67 apartments in our Bardon, Trenerry and Dunningham buildings and our first aged care residents also moved into the Challenor building. 

The Village is starting to feel more settled in and we love seeing many of our residents in the cafe, catching up over morning tea, with many staying until almost lunch time! 

The afternoon movies in the theatrette have also been a hit with many of our independent living and aged care residents. The beautiful summer weather has made our weekly Friday BBQ a great time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine on the village green.

2015 will be another exciting and busy year as we welcome our stage 2 Bowen residents into the community in April 2015. They have been busy choosing curtains, attending our monthly lunches and preparing themselves for their highly anticipated move into St Brigid's Green.

We are very excited and look forward to the year ahead!


December 2014

Our first Christmas at St Brigid's Green!

We celebrated our first Christmas at St Brigid's Green this year with all of our residents in independent living and aged care. It was a wonderful day and Richard, our Hotel Services Manager did a fantastic job looking after everything. 

Our residents in independent living enjoyed a sumptuous Christmas lunch buffet and it was great to see majority of our residents enjoying their time together to celebrate the holiday season. We were also joined by a number of our future residents from the Bowen building and we can't wait for them to be part of the St Brigid's Green Community in 2015. 

Our aged care residents also delighted in the festive season with a delicious Christmas high tea and overall, everyone seemed to have a fabulous time together.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and we will see you in 2015!

September 2014

Village Green Spring 2014

Take a look at what has been happening at our Greengate Villages in Spring 2014.

August 2014

St Brigid's Green is now open!

It has been an exciting time for our residents as they are now able to officially call St Brigid’s Green Village home! The first three retirement buildings and our aged care home have now been completed.

Over the past month we have had the majority of our residents move into their apartments and there is a flurry of activity happening in all areas of the Village. Despite it being winter, residents can be seen enjoying a cuppa with their family and friends on the Village Green or relaxing in the community areas, including the library and lounge room.

Construction is well underway for the 21 apartments in stage 2 – the Bowen, which is expected to be completed around March 2015. Residents in this building have finalized their choice of colour scheme in their apartments and are highly anticipating their move into the Village to join the rest of the St Brigid’s community! 

We will be welcoming our first residents into The Challenor aged care home on the 18th August 2014 and we’ve been focusing on getting together a great care team lead by village General Manager Bronwyn Jenner  to provide superior and personalised care to our residents. 

July 2014

Village Green Winter 2014

The latest edition of the Village Green 2014. Find out what's been happening at Greengate this Winter.

April 2014

Village Green Autumn 2014

Click here to find out more about what has been happening at Greengate and the progress of our retirement and aged care villages

January 2014

Village Green Summer 2014

Read the latest in the Village Green Summer 2014

December 2013

Retirement Guide

Click here to read our entry in the Catholic Weekly Retirement Guide.

October 2013

Village Green Spring Edition

Read the latest news in the Village Green 2013 Spring edition

August 2013

Village Green Winter 2013

Find out the latest news and what's happening at Greengate by reading the Village Green.  

July 2013

'Affinity' Resident Bi-monthly Newsletter

Please follow the link to read the latest edition of the St Brigid's Green resident bi-monthly newsletter 'Affinity'

June 2013

Colour Selection Presentation

We welcomed many of the St Brigid’s Green buyers at this event and presented them with the apartment plans and colour selections.
The Greengate team were present to assist on the day and many of the team members spoke on specific areas of the project.

April 2013

Village Green Autumn 2013

Read the latest news in the Village Green 2013 Autumn edition.

January 2013

Jingle Bells

To kick off the festive season last year, the St Brigid’s Green community gathered together for a wonderful Christmas luncheon at Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach.

More than 80 prospective residents enjoyed once again re-connecting with each other and reining in Christmas joy, laughter and good conversation.

We welcomed Father Bill Challenor from Holy Family Parish, Maroubra who reminded us that a home and feeling safe and secure is important to us all and finished off with a Christmas Prayer before we enjoyed our Christmas luncheon.

Director Howard Smith informed us of the latest St Brigid’s Green Construction update and the year ahead and our bubbly Kate Melrose shared the year that was and the exciting events planned for 2013.

We were also introduced to our new General Manager of Care; Nicole Brooke.  Nicole brings a wealth of experience and expertise and will be leading the operations and management of St Brigid’s Green.

To end the formalities one of our residents Garry O’Meally delivered a punch line that had all of us roaring with laughter!  What a terrific community we will be.

In the background was a running slide show of photos from events we held throughout the 2012 and photos of the site as construction ramps up for St Brigid’s Green.

All in all we had another fabulous day together celebrating Christmas and wishing each other all the best for a fantastic 2013.

October 2012

St Brigid's Green Spring Edition of our quarterly Newsletter

Read about what has been happening in the latest Sping Edition of the Village Green. 

August 2012

Christmas in July

St Brigid’s Green purchasers gathered for a relaxed and friendly afternoon at the ‘Christmas in July’ luncheon with sumptuous turkey & ham with all the trimmings, served at Ceviche Restaurant, Coogee.    This was another opportunity to bring the community of  the Bardon, Trennery and Dunningham buyers closer as acquaintances become friends.  Howard Smith provided us an update on the latest construction news and David Nelson, the St Brigid’s Green architect enjoyed answering questions about the St Brigid’s Green apartments  and community areas.

With stages 1, 2 & 3 sold a total of 65 apartments our events are significant and buyers are also welcome to join us for Coffee Club each month with informative guest speakers and updates on construction. We look forward to our next function later this year for a presentation by our Interior Designer, Kathleen Bowen. Thank you to David and his team at Ceviche Restaurant for another successful event!

May 2012

Meet your Neighbours Luncheon – Ceviche Restaurant

The purchasers of the Trennerry and Dunningham buildings took another step toward enjoying the exciting new chapter in their lives. 52 soon to be neighbours enjoyed the first of many meals together overlooking the beach on a sun drenched autumn day.

The soon to be St Brigid’s Green residents discussed their new homes, enjoyed a sun drenched lunch overlooking the beach. Many new friendships were born and old friends reconnected sharing fascinating stories and memories.  The lunch continued well into the afternoon and we heard that many people were looking forward to feeling comfortable & secure in their new home with the freedom from worry about house maintenance.

With construction underway and stages 1,2 & 3 sold out, many people are setting their sights on planning to downsize.  We were all inspired by the wise tips and words of Lisa Oshlack from "Moving On" about how to plan a move from the old home into the new.  The St Brigid’s neighbours will meet again in July 2012.

April 2012

Celebrating a new Era in Retirement Living

Excited residents celebrate the beginning of a new era in retirement living.

Fr Bill, former Principal and Assistant principals and many excited purchasers turn the first sod.  “We already feel at home and have connected with many old friends and new,” says Dawn McCamley, a former student and soon to be resident at St Brigid’s Green.

April 2012

St Brigid’s Green Newsletter

Read about what's happening in the Autumn 2012 edition of the Greengate newsletter.

February 2012

Residents join Fr Bill to turn the first soil

Guests from the local community and future residents of stages 1, 2 and 3 joined Father Bill Challenor to celebrate the commencement of construction with a ceremonial turning of the first sod.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed morning tea and a presentation in the St Aidan’s school hall.

If you're interested, you can read more about this event here.

December 2011

St Brigid’s Green Christmas Party 2011

More than 80 guests enjoyed a beautiful cocktail party at Centennial Parklands for the Inaugural St Brigid’s Green Christmas Party. The evening was a wonderful family event, where friends and soon-to-be neighbours celebrated the holiday season. Father Bill delivered a heartfelt speech telling the history of the St Brigid’s Green site, and expounded on our ongoing plans to reinvigorate the site for retirement and aged care in the local community.

November 2011

St Brigid’s Green success due to local 'experts'

Future residents of stage 1 at St Brigid's Green - The Bardon Building - joined together to celebrate with a lunch at Maroubra Beach.

They told us they are looking for choice and flexibility, more care and help if it's required, and to be near their friends, family and the community they know and love.

If you're interested, you can read more about this event here.

July 2011

Sumptuous High Tea at the Crowne Plaza, Coogee

High Tea survey results told us clearly that our future residents are looking for more care and help, greater choice and flexibility, good access to public transport,  and close proximity to friends, family and the community.

July 2011

Father Bill and Parishioners Welcome St Brigid’s Green to the Community

St Brigid’s Green receives strong community and council support, addressing the needs of local residents for retirement and aged care choices in the Maroubra area.

If you're interested, you can read more about this here.

March 2011

Village Green Newsletter - Autumn 2011

Read about what's happening in the Autumn edition of the Greengate newsletter.

November 2010

Development Proposal

A formal development application was lodged with Randwick Council on the 5th November 2010. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Greville Ingham on 02 9256 5600.

October 2010

Open Day

A public open day was held on Sunday 19th of October. Over 150 people attended, with the majority being Maroubra seniors.

October 2010

Market Surveys

Market surveys commenced in early October, with focus group, individual meetings, site visits and phone discussions. If you would like to participate in this process or receive further information, please contact us or call 02 9256 5600.